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US elections: convergence of social and big media coverage

The 2008 elections will be the first major test of the tentative convergence of social and big media coverage. As US elections in essence have become campaigns in the micro management of narratives, the potential impact of the social media component shouldn't be underestimated.

The New York Times is planning to begin running citizen videos about the US presidential primary elections on the paper's web site in the next couple of days. The videos will run on the Op-Ed section of the site until February 5, so-called 'Super Tuesday' when a large number of US states hold primary elections.

Meanwhile, ABC teamed up with Facebook and MTV will be launching a “Street Team” comprised of 51 young, amateur journalists from each state to cover the election. Members of the Street Team will begin appearing in January on a new mobile site as well as the existing MTV Mobile, ThinkMTV and other websites as well. The content will be a conglomerate of blog entries, videos, photos, podcasts, and animation. A middel of the road or 'pro-am' initiative is "Off the Bus".

Google created a gadget for the personalized homepage iGoogle tracking the elections. You can select the candidates you want to read about, and then toggle between YouTube video news, mainstream news via Google News, blog coverage, and a Google Maps tab. Part of the gadget data is coming from Slate.com, which also features a section on campaign ads analyzes.

Techpresident.com is doing good overall work covering "How the candidates are using the web, and how the web is using them", social media data/stats included.

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Most people on earth are relying on internet news, they support and somehow believe on comments by other people. that is why i think they manipulate WWW for election campaign.

Posted by: marketing communications | 29 Aug 2009 08:28:16

There is a survey, candidates used their effort on online candidacy.

Posted by: Brand Agency | 29 Aug 2009 08:44:48

Would you believe that, obama was one of lead the survey than mc cain

Posted by: Absolute Legend | 29 Aug 2009 08:46:44

Social media is what people want. You love it or hate it.

Posted by: Social Media | 12 Oct 2011 12:18:04

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